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2020: Salam! It’s been a while!

First of all I want to say I missed you! I missed this!

With the madness that 2020 has been, I have found that it has also been a blessing. We have experienced a substantial threat to our health and life as we know it, losses in all forms, and challenges we have never been faced with before. But, as a result it has also forced us to reprioritise our value system; with health and safety being the solid first on the list. What might have been our differing 2’s and 3’s, 2020 might have united a lot of us in its new contenders; 2. Genuine connection (with others/ a support system) and 3. Peace of mind.

I feel this year tested me in many ways, with moments of inner struggle, pain for others suffering, pain for myself, uncertainty and lots of fear. Did I mention being misplaced during the entire course of events? My home is, rather was Dubai, but I was in Saudi Arabia on a trip when everything happened, and have been here ever since.

If I was ever tested to find the positive in a situation, it was now. From taking over 42 flights a year to being displaced and grounded, I realized that there’s nothing I could do but to take one day at a time, to be really gentle with myself, and have full faith in a bigger plan that I couldn’t see. I like the phrase, ‘don’t fight the wave, ride the wave’..

I found that instead of focusing on my own pain, it was better to be proactive, to be there for others in the best way I could, even reaching out to those I knew were living alone or are still single, going through heartbreaks, job losses, losses of loved ones, depression etc. Unfortunately, during this trying time, there was the tragic explosion in Lebanon and the floods in Sudan that displaced thousands, a humanitarian crisis in the midst of a global pandemic. Heartbreaking. These countries had already been through so much and now this? But then something beautiful happened, the world came together, united in support and compassion. Offering help, donations, services, expertise, supplies, aid, you name it. Dedicated humans all around the world to relieve the victims in any way possible. (Donations to legitimate relief agencies can be made here: Sudan / Lebanon )

That’s humanity. That’s love. Thats unity.

Through this year’s unexpected storms, there have been powerful glimmers of calming light. So powerful, they have shifted us into a consciousness of unconditional love, support, gentleness, compassion and self awareness

I don’t know where we are going, or what will happen to us.

All I do know is, through this heart-wrenching ride (which might continue for a while to come) that I am the creator of my own happiness and reality. What’s coming is better than what is gone. The past doesn’t equal the future. Fear robs us of all blessings. My own personal growth and contribution to others is true fulfillment. And that I much prefer the person I am today than I was before.

Sending you all so much healing love and light.

We are on some level, all in this together ❤️

A few unglamorous throwback pictures of life at the beginning of corona lockdowns. While in quarantine, I picked up a PlayStation habit ? I also purchased a Dolce Gusto machine so I could still enjoy my daily cappuccinos (a highlight of my day during lockdown) ☕️ I was many of the May babies who celebrated their birthday under 24 hour lockdown ? Morning’s alone by the pool (even in the desert heat) got me through some pretty tough days. Another lesson of 2020, nature is so healing.

  • Anonymous

    Inspiring.. been struggling to keep positive but reading this helps a lot, thank you ❤️❤️❤️

    November 18, 2020
  • Nooni

    I’ve found that 2020 has taught us all so many deep and meaningful lessons that each and everyone of us needed to be reminded of; empathy, unity and humanity. There will always be many reasons why we go through things in life, but 2020 has hit the entire world at once with a reminder to all that we are all one. Every race, gender, age group, religion and ethnicity are all the exact same. Vulnerable and it is more than okay to be so! Those days that we were all forced to spend at home on our own was definitely an eye opener and I pray that if there’s any take away that people just become a little more kinder towards one another and develop a sense of understanding towards humanity.

    November 18, 2020

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