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The Cartier Etourdissant graces Dubai

The prestigious and equally majestic Cartier Etourdissant, visited dubai yesterday with its new collection, as well as Cartier’s timeless pieces and all the glory that comes with a Cartier event. 

The new collection, fittingly named ‘Etourdissant’ which means ‘astonishing’ or ‘dazzling’ was presented via a daytime fashion show at the newly opened St.Regis hotel in Dubai. Tall beautiful models graced an open courtyard terrace area, that Cartier transformed into a dream-like secret garden. There were white swings (hearts pop out of eyes), and the models happily floated around like delicate goddesses wearing Elie Saab chiffon dresses. Jewellery, as always, added the final and most impactful magical touch.

High Jewellery isn’t for the simple. Cartier has taken every measure and expense to source the best diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds from every corner of the earth. The new 600 piece collection was recently presented in Singapore which was quite an event, celebrating Cartier’s 50th Birthday in Singapore and giving the public a chance to see the old timeless pieces and as well as the new collection. A rare treat.

A select few were lucky enough to experience this in Dubai, and am honoured to be one of them. The collection was positively breathtaking, and makes you question ‘why on earth am I not a gazzillionaire?’  ahhh… work harder Tami!! come on Saraaa!! hahaha


The presentation in another section, which again was decorated by Cartier in a Parisian maison style to accommodate rooms filled with Cartier’s illuminated glass cases.

Also present at the show was Natalia Shustova of @ShoesTova, and Buro 24/7 Editor in Chief Shannon Wylie.

The CEO of Cartier, Stanislas de Quercize said of the presentation “We have a mission to create but we also have a mission to share and to explain.”  Well Mr De Quercize, thanks for sharing! There is no need to explain, beauty often speaks for itself! 


Lots of love

Tamara & Sara xx

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