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Clarins Genuis Eric Antoniotti on Middle East Beauty

Clarins Genuis Eric Antoniotti on Lipsticks, Foundation and Inspiration from Middle Eastern Women

I recently had the pleasure to meet and chat with Clarins’ world renowned International and Artistic and Training Director Eric Antoniotti. This was a chance to hear more about about the revamped Jolie Rouge lipstick collection, the Lipliner Pencil and the Everlasting Foundation+. As soon as I sat down with Eric, I was inspired by his charm and passionate knowledge about makeup and skincare. I knew immediately that I was sat with a guru.

Eric Antoniotti – the Clarins Genius

Eric Antoniotti is Corsican, growing up on the beautiful island of chestnut tree forests surrounded by the majestic blue of the Mediterranean. He has a true understanding of colour and the importance of real quality natural ingredients in not just skincare but in makeup as well. Where for him “makeup is also skincare”. The Antoniotti style is “not to mask a woman’s face with makeup but to make her more beautiful than ever by creating a natural look.” A look that covers any imperfections and brings out the best of you and your unique face.  Eric is involved with high fashion and Haute Couture and creates the Clarins makeup looks for Thierry Mugler fashion shows.

Clarins & Mugler

Clarins makeup being applied behind the scenes of the Mugler Spring-Summer 2015 fashion show

Inspiration from Middle Eastern women 

Eric brings his vision from the catwalk and mixes it with the inspiration he gets from the women of the world, from South American, to South Africa, from the Far East to the far West.  As a citizen of the world he wants to make every woman from every culture more beautiful. When I saw him he had just arrived in Dubai from Mexico and would be leaving again in a few days for another transatlantic flight. First I had to ask if Clarins has any specific makeup collections planned for the women of the Middle East. “Of course! The women here have been using makeup from generations ago, specially Kohl, using natural ingredients from the time of the Pharoah. We are developing a liquid liner that has shimmer in it, inspired by the Middle East, and then we will take that for Clarins women all over the world.” 

Sara Clarins

Jolie Rouge Lipsticks

Jolie Rouge is Clarins timeless lipstick that has now been reinvented. It has a moisture-enriched formula that comes in 25 beautiful shades.

Clarins lp2

The colours are amazing, from the nudes to the corals, from the pinks to the plums. Its hard to pick just one! Eric picked #740 – bright coral for my complexion and to have a pop of colour.

Clarins Sara

Key ingredients 

Eric explained that “the lipstick contains three main ingredients, Jojoba, Mango & Samphire. The Jojoba mimics the skin, and provides moisturization, mango butter prevent dehydration and is nourishing and samphire keeps moisture inside the skin cells ensuring long-lasting hydration.” 

It is long wearing with long lasting colour – Clarins have created it to provide 6 hours of continuous moisture and wear. The texture feels more like a nourishing balm, than a traditional lipstick and is lovely to put on. With great colour pigments, a luminous finish and a wonderful smell (and taste) of red berries – it is yummy!

Lipliner Pencil

Clarins have created a lipliner to match your lip colour. This makes the life of the busy woman easier, so you only have to use one lipliner and not look for different lipliners to match every lipstick.” The lipliner becomes a base for your lip – not a base for your lipstick.

Clarins lipliners

There are four shades – one for for every skin tone.To find the perfect lipliner pencil for my skin tone, Eric took my palm and said “I’m not reading your palm!” as he looked to the edges of my hand and saw I was medium with gold undertones and decided on 02. Nude Beige.

Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 6.00.56 PM

Clarins Lipliner Pencil 02. Nude Beige

The texture of the lipliner pencil is nourishing with a slightly firm texture and has jojoba oil to stop your lipstick from running. Eric explained that “it can even be worn alone on your entire lip for a nude natural look and the texture is such that it would last well and would provide nourishment and comfort from the jojoba”.

There is also a great chart to pick the Jolie Rouge shade that would suit you best based on the lipliner picked for your skin tone.

Screen shot 2015-11-12 at 5.40.52 PM

Eric’s Makeup tip 

For an extra touch he applied the Lip Comfort Oil as a top coat to the middle of the lower lip “this enhances the lips for a fuller look whilst also adding a little shine and provides wonderful nourishment. It is a must have product for models.  Honey is the classic colour – a nice golden hue – and a fabulous raspberry has also just been launched for a pink hue”. 

Screen shot 2015-11-09 at 5.45.46 PM

Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil in 01.Honey & 02.Raspberry

Everlasting Foundation+

Everlasting Foundation+ was released earlier this year and comes in 19 shades to match every skin tone. The foundation has a dewy texture and gives the skin a youthful glow without the shine. It provides a flawless complexion, all day coverage with SPF15 protection.

Clarins Foundation

Clarins Everlasting Foundation+

With its Everlasting Foundation+  Clarins gone beyond creating a makeup product – rather its a skincare product which provides full coverage makeup. It nourishes the skin and protects against pollution and free radicals. Tamara tested #109 Wheat Everlasting Foundation+ for a full day and it provided FULL COVERAGE, a lovely uplifting colour, smelled clean and fresh and really did last till night.

Clarins Tamara Tamara Clarins

Eric’s Makeup tip 

For those in drier climates, like Tehran, or with very dry skin, just add a few drops of Double Serum in your foundation as you mix it onto your skin.
Clarins Double Serum

Clarins Double Serum


Love Sara & Tamara xx  

Available now… at the Clarins shop Dubai Mall and all Clarins counters worldwide.

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