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Dior Cruising in Jeddah

Social distancing this year left little room for social interactions, or outings for that matter. Which only left me craving life’s simple pleasures like the open fresh sea air, and even dressing up a bit, oh how I have missed glam!

Since I’m in the beautiful city of Jeddah, which lies on the Red Sea, a day trip on a yacht seemed like a good and safe way to to do both. Sea, sun, good music, and a photo shoot with a wonderful team. (Social distancing precautions were taken.)

I personally feel that feeling good, is closely connected to looking good, so I headed to Dior in Al Khayyat Center with my personal stylist and good friend Haala to select new trendy and versatile pieces for my wardrobe. We were assisted by the lovely Reem who helped us with the latest collection.

Shopping never felt so good.

It felt like the excitement I have when I would be all shopped and packed, ready for my summer vacation to Europe 🤣

After all these months, confined, I was so grateful for this moment.

Ahoy Captain!

If you have never been to Jeddah, it’s worth visiting even just for its sea life. The Red Sea is full of crystal clear water, coral life, islands and white sandy beaches. Paradise.

Can you feel the tranquility in these videos?


Just look at that water

Taking her cruising at sunset 😂 🌅

And here are the final images 😍

Big thank you to the amazing members of the team!

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Wearing @dior #dior
Makeup @illumebynouran
Stylist @haala_alkhereiji
Photographers @24.fever

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