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Fashion Forward Dubai 2016

Fashion Forward

Fashion Forward Dubai is a three-day fashion event in its seventh run. This year it showcased 28 runway shows, talks and presentations! It is the ultimate fashion platform for Dubai and the Middle East that helps provide a platform and a progressive direction for fashion in the region.


FFWD takes place semiannually, each April and October, at Hai d3 in Dubai Design District.  This industry focused event centers around supporting design talent in the Middle East. It was really interesting to see such a wide variety of fashion and style at Fashion Forward. We have featured 20 of the designers and our favourite looks from these stunning Fall Winter 2016 Ready to Wear Collections.

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Hussein Bazaza

Hussein Bazaza is a super talented Lebanese designer. His history includes working for the likes of Elie Saab, before launching his own ready-to-wear collection in 2012. He was able to do so with the help of the Starch Foundation (more on Starch Foundation below). Bazaza’s Fall/Winter Ready to Wear 2016 collection did not disappoint. It was bursting with bold prints and geometric shapes. Pops of red and purple, metallics and copper lamé, dominated the colour scheme. Esoteric and abstract images were splashed across the garments. It truly was a phenomenal way to start off Fashion Forward Dubai.

This is a young designer to watch!

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Kristina Fidelskaya

Kristina Fidelskaya had a gorgeous Fall Winter 2016 Ready to Wear Collection, with elegant coats and dresses with form-fitting bodices. Gray and pastel pink dominated the collection in addition to statement dresses in both black and white.

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Starch Foundation

Starch Foundation is a non-profit organisation that helps launch Lebanese emerging designers. Perverse Label, Azzam Salim and Bashar Assaf are three of the designers that Starch Foundation selected to debut their collections at Fashion Forward Dubai 2016. 


/Pər’vərs/ all-black, unisex, aseasonal collection was cool and sporty, with nice mesh detailing on the jackets.

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Salim Azzam

Simple white cotton and hand-embroidered designs and illustrations dominated Salim Azzam’s Ready-to-Wear Fall Winter 2016 collection, thus echoing the village’s voice in the fashion world. 

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Bashar Assaf

Simple, chic and effortlessly elephant, Bashar Assaf’s Fall Winter 2016 collection featured slick silhouettes and a nude/purple color palette for him and for her. 

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Amato Couture

Amato Couture, the UAE branch had a darker theme for its Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 collection. Overall it was a dark fairy tale theme; from corpse bride emulated in sheer white dresses, to dark witches in deep red and black ensembles, with mere touches of bondage, feathers and animal hair. The solar system depths were also not overlooked, expressed in rich fabrics and dégradé purples.
This was a truly dark fantasy couture collection.

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Soltana had a glamorous Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 collection.  Fabulous sequinned and velvet party dresses, structured jackets with to-die-for shoulder details, and enviable sexy blazer dresses were seen as label staples. For a more casual look, we enjoyed the presence of funky jeans that were given that extra luxury factor using silk and sequins. As for the detailing, models were donned in  gelled back ponytails and eye-grabbing gorgeous tasseled, bedazzled sandals. The collection was designed for the elegant and luxurious Middle Eastern woman.

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Sotra had a very feminine collection for Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016. The hues were pistachio and pink, with translucent lace florals, using soft silks and satins. The final touch? Pearls, beautiful pearls adorning this delicate and romantic collection.

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Salta is a Kazakhstani brand and their Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 collection drew inspiration from Tibet. The show truly was an army of fashion. The clothes were oversized, the block colours combined shiny golds and blacks with crisp whites. Throughout the collection the looks had a consistent statement of strength. As for the details, the Kill Bill style hats and gold ankle cowboy boots brought the outfits together. The makeup by Mac, was bold emulating Tibetan people, while the hair was ethnically braided. The models were adorned in fabulous necklaces of big round balls strung together. Pure, powerful, cool.

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Three Fifty Nine

three fifty nine is an Egyptian brand combing art and fashion, and this could be seen in the geometrics of the Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016. From the yellow jumpsuit to the colourful dresses and capes, there was a great colour palette with intricate architectural geometrics on the fabrics. The shoes had different styles from lace wrapping around calves to colourful pompoms on the sandals. Pulling the look together was the makeup by Mac creatively applying rectangles on the models faces. Arty fashion.

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Lama Jouni

Lama Jouni, the Lebanese designer, had a very slick and very modern collection for Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016. The pieces had strong block colours, with a great use of leather and strong silhouettes. This collection, when worn, will make every women feel even more powerful than she already is.

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Dee by Dalia

Dee by Dalia, the Lebanese designer, had a modern Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 collection. With block colours in black, white, blue and an orangey red, and structured designs. The makeup by Mac, had gold and silver leaf details on the models. The fabric was cut in a cool way, exposing unexpected kin. To top it off the models wore cool black and white brogues. Modern and cool.

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Nasiba Hafiz

Nasiba Hafiz, the Saudi designer had an effortless elegant Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 presentation reminiscent of an early 90’s era. Seen on the catwalk were block colours, of mostly black, red and white on pretty silks. There was a starry theme evident on the catwalk and throughout the collection, topped off with gorgeous canary yellow shoes. Perfectly pretty.

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Taller Marmo

Taller Marmo had a whimsical presentation for Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016. The collection had camels and characters from old Persian stories printed on cotton fabric. There was a consistent shirt theme throughout the show, in various cuts and some covered in stripes reminiscent from another time. The avant-garde collection saw models with grungy make up and hair looks, only adding another layer to what evoked a Taller Marmo individualistic identity.  It’s not messy, it’s too clean to be messy. Artistic and eccentric, yet modern and confident.

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Bint Thani

Bint Thani, the UAE designer, had a modern presentation for Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016. The pieces were a reminder of Princess Padme from Star Wars; statement elegance. The understated powerful outfits were accentuated by a beautiful touch; barefoot ankles covered in tattoo like stickers and black lips. Effortless modern authenticity.

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Mira Hayek

Mira Hayek is a Lebanese designer with a sporty cool Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 presentation. Block colours, funky bellbottoms, knee length socks and cool white sneakers. Hello cool factor! As for the hair, we loved the contrasting fringe colours on the models. A truly solid modern collection.

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Bouguessa is a UAE-based brand that had an elegant and bold Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 presentation. With block colours, touches of velvet and bold chic abayas.

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Army of 1

Army of 1 stayed true to its brand identity with its Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 collection. The pieces for both men and women – from the sporty activewear to the dresses are all modern and polished.

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Kage had a playful contemporary Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 presentation. There were a lot of pretty prints, with hues of navy blue, white & grey for comfortable day wear.

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Orkalia is a Dubai based brand and their Fall Winter Ready to Wear 2016 collection was full of bold pieces. Every outfit had a block colour, ranging from electric blue to nude. The focus was on the details from daring cuts to gorgeous embroidery.


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All together a fabulous weekend for Middle Eastern fashion at Fashion Forward.


Lots of love

Sara & Tamara xx


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