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Gucci’s fabulous A/W Milan 16 Show

Gucci’s Autumn Winter collection in Milan was a truly fabulous show. We loved the fun, artistic runway show, with a touches of fashion magic all over! Alessandro Michele, who took over Gucci a year ago, really has left his mark on the brand. There was a lot of silk, fur, embroidery, amazing accessories, from big glasses to handbags. With references to Miss Marple, dracula, the silk road, serpents, jaguars, and what looked like a unicorn hat! The colours were fun, with a pop of pink, bright teal and of course the company’s signature red, green and cream. Every look had a special touch. 


The Brooklyn based artist GucciGhost was also asked to colloborate and his work can be seen on a silk skirt and bags covered in graffiti as well as a silk skirt.


Finally the bags themselves deserve a special mention, with the GG logo, the different styles and fabrics, but mainly the colours – a brilliant palette with something for every outfit in your closet!



Sara & Tamara xx 

Photo credits: NowFashion.com

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