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How to Wear the Headscarf

In our modern multi-cultural society, headscarves are an oh-so versatile way to dress up the hair and accentuate the natural beauty of the face. For centuries both men and women have been wrapping delicate sheets of fabric around their heads for many reasons including religious beliefs, a means to insulate the head, as well as to protect intricate hair styles. But in our evolving world of fashion, headscarves have also become an essential accessory to own.

Tamara wearing Blue Hijab

Tamara channelling Head Wear

A simple piece of cloth can add colour, texture and interest to any outfit without looking as though you’ve tried too hard while getting ready. They can be worn around the wrist, around the waist instead of a belt, or tied elegantly onto your favourite Hermes handbag. They can also be interpreted into your look as a neck scarf. But perhaps the most fashionable way to wear fabric is around the head. What’s more is that there are multiple looks you can create just from how you’ve chosen to drape your headscarf. This recent evolution in the headscarf has taken great precedence in the modest fashion sector, predominantly by women wearing the hijab. Renowned Arab royalty, bloggers and celebrities like Sheikah Mozah Al Misned, Dalalid, Ascia AKF and Muna AbuSulayman all wear the hijab in different styles but all equally beautiful.


Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen

Ashley Olsen in Retro Headscarf














Grace Kelly Headscarf

Grace Kelly

Erykah Badu Headwrap

Erykah Badu

Ascia Akf Hijab

Ascia Akf

Muna Abu Sulayman Abaya

Muna Abu Sulayman

Dalalid Headscarf

Middle Eastern Fashion Blogger Dalalid

Mainstream celebrities from Cara Delevingne and the Olsen Twins, to Kuwait fashion blogger Dalalid, to Qatar royalty like Sheikha Mozah are all avid collectors of headscarves, and each of these women find their own methods to make head accessories work in their favour. For instance, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who made the transition from acting to designing their own clothing brand, are both renowned for their ability to dress with creative flair while on and off-duty. They can often be seen grabbing coffee wearing bohemian bandanas with loose wavy hair, wearing ethnic head wraps for elite fashion events, or channelling retro head scarves tied under the chin for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s approach.

Sheikha Mozah - Navy Blue Headscalf

Sheikha Mozah

Sheikha Mozah - Cream Headscalf



Sheikha Mozah of Qatar is another lady who lives for style. Being a member of royalty, she has countless official appearances and has become a style icon as a result of her timeless style. The accessory she is never seen in the public eye without is of course her wide selection of headscarves and turbans. And who could blame her when there are so many unique ways to wear them? Whether Sheikha Mozah is sporting a pastel pink embellished turban, an elegant cream head wrap, or a statement navy blue Hijab scarf, this is a lady who truly knows how to look immaculate at all times.

How do you wear your headscarf?

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