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How To: Mermaid Hair / Crinkled Hair Tutorial

2020 hair trends went a bit awry with corona, and because I was at home for most of it; it was either natural waves or a bun 😂 But one can get a bit fed up with that day in day out. I did fall in love with one style in particular: Mermaid Hair 😍 🧜‍♀️

Kim Kardashian and lots of celebrities have been rocking:

But how to get it?

Honestly, I ordered a hair tool that is meant to give you this look. It’s a triple barrel iron, and after one month of waiting, it never arrived.

It never arrived, and I had to get a refund.

I decided to opt for a safer option and popped down to Nahdi Pharmacy to find another hair tool I could use to get the look. I found one, but it doesn’t come with a heat protection glove, so I used socks to protect my fingers 😂

Product Description: Babyliss Multi Styler 180°C – Satin touch coating- Unique Design – 10 in 1 accessories : straight, crimp, 2 curl – 4 Brush sleeves, 4 spiral sleeves- 3 section clips- 12 hair pins – Comfortable and Easy to use –  Storage pouch / 199 Saudi Riyals

It’s good value and you get a lot of options for a very reasonable price, but it doesn’t come with heat protection gloves and the appliances get VERY VERY hot. Please use gloves or in my case, socks. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Here’s the quick tutorial I did on TIKTOK (👈🏼 click here to watch)

Excuse the hair, I had applied a very oily serum right before. Any normal heat protection spray will do. 👍🏻

I wear this look all the time now, here are some shots:

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