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Henna Body Art

Metallic Body Art: The Flashiest Way to Accessorize

From self-adhesive eyelash gems, to temporary eyeliner that’s ready to wear in an instant, when it comes to being bold with beauty there are certain trends that go above and beyond the norm. Now it seems that the latest embellishment to be seen wearing at festivals, on the beach, or indeed, on the red carpet is metallic body art.

Traditional Henna Art

An update on the traditional henna tattoos that so many Arabian, Indian and African women have been adorning themselves with for centuries, high fashion has now taken the art of henna one step further by introducing the likes of gold and silver jewellery-style tattoos into the mix. Henna has many uses which include medicinal purposes, self expression and cosmetic treatments.

Metallic Jewellery Art

Beyonce Metallic Tattoo Jewellery

Luxury fashion designers including Saint Laurent, Repossi and Dior are now influencing what our favourite female celebrities are accessorizing their outfits (and bodies) with. Beyonce, Alessandra Ambrosio and Aerin Lauder are all huge fans of this ethnic-influenced stencil trend, and social media has also taken press-on body jewellery and temporary tattoos to a whole new level. For example, when fashion blogger Mademoiselle Robot shared her penchant for gold and silver temporary tattoos with her readers, she stated that she often heads to Instagram for inspiration on upcoming fashion and beauty trends. Enough said! Whether we’re looking to the catwalks, the streets or the tabloids for style tips, it would appear that metallic body art is here to stay.

Mademoiselle Robot Metallic Jewellery

So if you’ve been searching far and wide for embellishments to wear for a wedding, a party, or any other special event listed on your social calendar, look no further than this cultural metallic adornment.

Gold Temporary TattooSilver Hair Paint

How to Wear Metallic Body Art…

Wear yours with matching gold or silver hair paint, teamed alongside some of your staple metallic accessories. It might be that you love to show off your creative streak by teaming your tatts with body chains and cuffs. Or you may prefer something a little more conservative such as gold nail polish and a temporary ring-finger tattoo. However you choose to channel such an ornate trend this season, make sure that your body art reflects your own personal style if you really want to make this look work. Try something different for the party season and let your regal side take centre stage!

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