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Online Shopping at Selfridges

Here to save us all, Selfridges online shopping is finally here for us in the Middle East

Travelling frequently has its perks, especially with shopping, however in the hectic frenzy of flurrying commotion, you don’t necessarily have the time to visit the store you want and collectively obtain everything you specifically need in your size at that moment.

Since Eid, I have made London my summer base, with all my little trips to Marbella, Paris, South of France and the Amalfi Coast all darting from the London base.  But at the end of each journey I am only in London for less than 48 hours and off again.


Oscar De La Renta Eid Jalabiya from Selfridges

It means I barely have enough time to unpack, repack squeeze in some meetings in between and am off again. Never mind the time for shopping.


I fell in love with a Self Portrait dress I saw at Selfridges, I said to myself I’ll think about it and before I knew it, I was off to another city again! Regret central.


I need that dress.

I went online, and found it.


45 minutes later.

1 Self Portrait Dress

1 Pair of Valentino Heels

1 Pair of Gucci Trousers.

SELF-PORTRAIT Spring lace long-sleeved pleated dress

SELF-PORTRAIT Spring lace long-sleeved pleated dress

VALENTINO Rockstud 100 leather courts

VALENTINO Rockstud 100 leather courts


Oh how beautiful life is, online shopping is, Selfridges is. The delirious highs of the online shopping experience!

Check out please!


Delivery? Where will I be? Oh dear…. 

Delivery to Middle East now available?? Yes yes, delivery to Dubai please, safest bet..

You can’t go wrong with the Valentino rock studded heels, especially in gold, a wardrobe staple. Good for summer, and perfect for the winter. 

I am so in love with Gucci’s latest collection. It’s the first time since Tom Ford’s era, that I just want everything. I settled on these trousers, they are practical, trendy and perfect for my upcoming fashion week trips. 

Speaking of my upcoming trips, its a relief I can shop online safely, and have all my purchases delivered directly to my house in Dubai.

Can’t wait to wear my new looks and share the pictures with you guys!!

Eid Mubarak!

Love Tamara xx

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