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How to furnish your Riyadh home in a week: Riyadh Furniture Stores Guide

Hello 😄 I have made this blog post to save you 4 months of feeling overwhelmed and a little lost upon a new move to Riyadh, or even as a helpful guide for redecorating your Riyadh home. It has kept me so busy I’ve had no time for anything else 😂

Riyadh is a huge and beautiful city, it is flat (meaning it doesn’t have a lot of towers, it’s mostly villas, townhouses and 3 story apartment blocks)

This means the city grows outward horizontally, and mashallah is it growing. A car ride from one side of Riyadh to the other could easily take you up-to 4 hours depending on traffic.

Because the city is so spread out you are journeying from one location to another from one side of the city to another. This could potentially take weeks/months to fully decorate an apartment or house. So prepare yourself to dedicate some time fully to at least gets the main pieces like your beds and sofas. (Hopefully, with my list you’ll get it done in a few days!)

Normally, I’d go to websites but here I highly recommend visiting the stores at least once, taking pictures, testing furniture out especially couches, and then making your decision. Some of the websites are great and some aren’t updated, so please visit every store at least once.

Another useful tip is that the furniture stores’ prices in-store and online are different for the exact same piece of furniture. The online prices can be anywhere from 20% – 50% cheaper than the in-store price. I had a very specific sofa I wanted, I searched for it for 4 months, I couldn’t find it and contacted stores in London to ship it over. They refused to state they couldn’t guarantee it would arrive perfectly. Lo and behold, the very next day I found it in Riyadh at Elegant Home (info below) alhamdilllaaahh.

I tested it out, it was very comfortable thankfully. I then checked the website and noticed the website price was significantly less. So I purchased it online there and then, while I was sitting on the show piece in-store. Delivery was in 5 days.

I’m in love with my new fluffy round boucle sofas 🤗

The Roche Bobois, Natuzzi and Bo Concept’s of the furniture world all have large branches here, but when I visited them, they all said they have very long delivery times. So if you can wait, these are great choices.

Instead I have curated the best selection, in my opinion of local stores with good quality products at accessible prices and stock in hand, below:

Elegant Home : Instagram | Website

Tanatel : Instagram | Website

Aura Living : Instagram | Website

Midas : Instagram | Website

Dome Furniture : Instagram | Website

Lilt : Instagram | Website

There are other stores, but I’m just saving you more trekking. Plus some of the stores are MASSIVE, which is great if you have the time, if you don’t have time stick to the list.

Please don’t judge the lists by their Instagrams and websites, do try to physically visit the stores, you’ll find hidden gems.😍

The list I have provided is a good selection of elegant, modern, simple, and stylish options. Each one of these stores is truly on different sides of the capital, and due to the metro construction, there might be traffic, please prepare yourself time-wise. I’d also take a driver service / Uber / Careem / Bolt, to save you more time parking.

Good luck!! I’m happy to save you all the effort and energy I went through, please let me know any questions you have below:

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