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Selfridges Tamara Al Gabbani Van Cleef & Arpels Alhambra Diamonds

Selfridges: The Ultimate Selfridgette

In London’s summer weather with shopping on the mind, one must do so within the climatic safety of a department store. Specifically? Selfridges.

Oh thank God’s green earth for Selfridges, many a uni afternoon were spent there. Glorious memories. Fast forward to the present, and now, in 2016, Selfridges has seriously stepped up their game. We devoted Selfridgettes really love that.

Where to begin?

Hair of course. Our very trusted go-blonde guru Daniel Galvin has set up a new branch in Selfridges. The best part is the VIP room at the back, where fabulously quiffed Steven attended to my wash and blow dry. A senior stylist at the salon and accustomed to managing Arab hair (a must. We LOVE our voluminous waves). The next time I go I am taking Sara, Olina and Shayma with me, the room has a couch and enough space for you and your squad. It’s also mighty convenient, you can do your nails and have an organic lunch in there too.

Got my frenchie on.

Next, make up.

So what did we do before Charlotte Tilbury exactly..? What was even there? I really don’t know. I actually can’t remember.

Those rose gold palm trees are after my heart I tell you.

It’s always a positive when a make up artist creates a make up line. You just KNOW you’re getting results. Not just any make up artist, but the fiery ginger haired Charlotte Tilbury. Selfridges has a team of Charlotte’s trained proteges that are all at hand to do your very own make up looks from a selection she has pre-created. You just pick! and poof!

I went for vamp. ‘Course I did. The lovely Sergio was great.

Already an aficionado of Bulgari, its pleasantly cosy space in The Wonder Room at Selfridges hosts special exclusive pieces which I had to get my hands on. Really really pretty for the summer.

Van cleef on the other hand has a more demure room, with its precious fine jewellery the focus, shining like constellations of stars.

Oh how I absolutely adooooooooore the hambra diamond collection. Adore.

This watch, specially launched this year at SIHH is so charming we already blogged about it in January during its reveal. Just like jewellery, watches tend to come alive when worn.

The Personal Shopping space at Selfridges comes fully equipped with numerous private rooms and suites to accommodate you if you’re shopping solo, with some friends or even the whole family. You can get more than just style advice and shop with the flexibility that suits you with your very own qualified stylist. I requested only exclusive pieces and fell for this Oscar De La Renta fuchsia number.

I am a true lover of unique handbags, and by unique I don’t mean quirky. I mean classic, timeless, classy but without being a copy paste of everyone else. The brand Launer is the official handbag of Her Majesty The Queen. Now with their own section at Selfridges, including many exclusive pieces in a range of different styles,  I absolutely adore the whole collection. Varieties of colours and skins are available at a reasonable price range, and as you can see, make any outfit upscale.

Chloe also have exclusive pieces at Selfridges this season in a casual cool style. Saddle bags making a comeback.

To my delight I discovered that Selfridges offers Tax-Free shopping services in–store too,  the Tax free lounge at Selfridges is just MASSIVE. I prefer the VIP section with the privacy of my own room, the administrators are polite and literally zip through your forms in no time and before you know it you are good to go. Efficient and pleasant.

As always a truly wonderful day in Selfridges!


Tamara xx

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