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South Korean Beauty: Essences that Boost your skin!

Beauty, beauty, beauty… Oh how we love you so! Finding new products is a fun filled adventure for us. Specially when its a product  for a beauty step that we didn’t that we didn’t even know existed! Thanks to South Korea’s love for all things beauty – and their multistep cleansing regime – they have created Essences. What is an Essence you ask? Well we asked the exact same thing! After cleansing your skin and toning you apply an Essence. The consistency is slightly thicker than a toner but less than your serum or moisturiser. It boosts you skin and provides a barrier to help with hydration, anti-pollution, dryness and even anti-aging. After that you apply your serum and/ or moisturiser. They can be used in your beauty regime – day and night.

Maya Coop Raw Sauce

The May Coop Raw Sauce has maple syrup in it – yummy! It has antioxidant extracts – helping to protect from free radical damage. It’s good for those living in Cities or who spend a lot of time outside. It also has Panthenol, making it a super hydrating option.

Mizon Water Volume EX First Essence

The Mizon Water Volume Ex Essence is more brightening, since it has papaya, lactic acid, glycolic acid, and salicylic acid to rid the skin of dead skin cells. It also has ceramides and hydrasalinol to strengthen the skin’s barrier function, so it’s a good choice for anti-aging/dry skin.

The Essence

Essences help with dryness, sensitivity and lack of hydration. We used it in both in the mountains of Tehran where the air is super dry and polluted – as well as in Dubai, which is much more humid but still dry from the desert and air conditioning. We tested it on sensitive and oily/ combination skin as well as dry skin – and I have to say we LOVED it! The team at Peach & Lily – our go to for South Korean beauty – can help you find the best Essence for your skin type. We have added a new step to our beauty regime… One that smells, and feels fabulous!



Sara & Tamaraah xx

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