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Summer Beauty Products: Body Scrubs & Exfoliators for Glowing Skin

Summer is here! Whether you are about to hit the beach or the pool or are about to get a fake tan – the first stop for all of these things is exfoliation! Living in Dubai we are blessed that we can tan all year round – not that we do! But come rain or shine we always keep our bodies exfoliated. Exfoliators not only helps take away dead skin, but also boost circulation which detoxifies and moisturizers you skin. So once out the shower you feel softer and more beautiful. Here are some of our favorite summer beauty products and exfoliating products – from daily use, to weekly use to body masks.

Before we start to exfoliate we Dry Body Brush first! Then you can continue to pamper your dry skin by putting on a body mask. The Body Shop has some amazing clay masks in their “Spa of the World Range” such as Himalayan Charcoal Clay Body Mask. As for exfoliators there are so many to choose from!

Before the shower

Some scrubs are made for dry skin to be used before the shower. The Bliss Hot Salt Scrub heats your body as it touches your skin and has a rosemary scent. This truly has been a real favourite throughout the years.

ONNE Beauty Body Scrub is an amazing coffee and coconut scrub that helps with cellulite as it exfoliates and moisturizes. This is an amazing all natural product, but just be careful, as your bathroom will be getting a coffee exfoliation alongside you!

Daily Scrubs

Bliss Super Minty Soap’n Scrub – is fresh, minty and super tingly! This is a product that I always travel with as well.

Lancaster Tan Preparer Pre Tan Exfoliator is a gentle scrub with a lovely light summer fragrance.

Exfoliators that Moisturize

Clarins Tonic Body Polisher has a lovely scent of rosemary and rosewood and is very uplifting and leaves a lovely layer of moisture on your skin when you pop out the shower.

Body Shop Dead Sea Scrub is a creamy body scrub with a sea breeze scent that leaves the skin super moisturized after your shower.

For those of you in need of a major exfoliation that you can’t get at home – then you should hit the spa for a hammam or a spa exfoliating session! Overall we love mixing and matching. With each exfoliator having its own scent, it really depends on what you feel like that day. So before you hit the beach or put on a fake tan – exfoliate so your skin is already silky smooth and ready to glow!



Sara & Tamara xx

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