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To good hair days.

If it’s a good hair day, it’s a good day.
Hair?? The power to completely transform your day around from good to bad or vice versa. I do wish this was an exaggeration, but unfortunately it’s the truth.
Last week I had a crappy hair day, and as a result I cut the day short and went home for an early night because I couldn’t bear to walk around with flat hair one minute longer.
This is the struggle that women face every single day, amongst other internal struggles which YOU all know, but I won’t go into those right now.
If that day had been a good hair day, I might have been more productive AND gone OUT for dinner which is a rather strange life code.
Why, oh why, didn’t I just fluff things up with some dry shampoo?
The intelligent and mo st basic solutions always dawn upon me AFTER the episode. ‘Oh of course, I should have just gone home and etc…’
So I decided to write this blog post, to save both you and myself ANOTHER bad hair day.

It doesn’t help that in hot and humid countries, our beloved hair doesn’t obey..
It even has the tendency to get greasy on the very same day you’ve washed it! And let’s not even get into the whole, ‘How on God’s green earth am I meant to work out AND still have great hair?’
It’s just all too much…

But do not fret my little lionesses, since that episode last week, the solutions at bay are tried and tested, and you and I can adopt them into our busy lives and look fabulous.

Batiste our very favourite dry shampoo brand, have kindly expanded the dry shampoo saviour, into a complete range.
I know, I know.. The excitement!

This comes at the perfect time, as I have taken the decision to resume yoga in my life. The issue is, I go to yoga class at the crack of dawn (no joke), and don’t have 3 hours to waste washing and blow drying my hair.

That’s where dry shampoo comes in, thankfully available in mini can size, so it fits in my handbag and I’m good to go.

Life changing. Quite literally.

I will admit, after a spray blitz, I do like to run through with a quick blow dry at the front of my head for a smoother finish, it actually has a nice effect with the dry shampoo. Otherwise it’s a blitz attack, followed by a head massage with my head upside down and then style.

The expanded range has a selection of fragrances:

My favourites are the oriental and the blush, as they complement my shampoo scent and my perfumes.

The good part is they are available almost everywhere now, you can get your can from the following outlets:

1. Carrefour (MOE, Mirdiff and Marina Mall)
2. Spinneys
3. Union Co-Op
4. Abela
5. Sharjah Co-Op
6. West Zone
7. Geant
8. All day Minimart
10. Aster Pharmacy
11. SuperCare
12. MED 7 Pharmacy
13. Community Pharmacy
14. Planet Pharmacy
15. United Pharmacy
16. Makkah Pharmacy – FUJ
17. Online – Souq.com and Sprii.com

1. Sharief Pharmacy
2. Grand Nasser Pharmacy
3. Al Osrah Supermarket
1. Al Osrah Pharmacy
2. 48 Pharmacy
3. Oxygen Pharmacy
4. New Konooz Pharmacy
5. Advance Medical Pharmacy No. 8
1. Health House Pharmacy
2. Kunooz Alseha Pharmacy
3. Al Watania Pharmacy (Whites)
4. Asharq Alawsat Pharmacies Co. (Alhabib)

Who said being a woman was easy? But I wouldn’t have it any other way! 😀 <3

Lots of love

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