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Vimto Sparkly VIP Bottles

True to their brand image, Vimto‘s bottles are instantly recognisable. For as long as I can remember, good ol’ Vimto has kept the same design, shape and logo. 

vimtoOur favourite Ramadan drink reaches sell out status during our blessed month, and rightfully so, there is no other way I’d drink over 2 litres of liquids every single night. 

IMG_5235Averse to drinking enough water everyday, my mother panicked when I was a little girl, sometimes resorting to hydration salts as I never got thirsty. Determined to get me drinking she experimented with different techniques to entice me. It was discovered the only way to keep me hydrated in this desert humid weather was to enhance the drinking experience. Her solution: Vimto. 

I remember being pleasantly surpised, and henceforth Vimto became my drink of the house. 


So you can imagine my reaction when I was informed about the Swarovski bedazzled Vimto bottles with your personalisation crystallised across the front! 

I HAD to go down to Bloomingdales Home in Dubai Mall to investigate.  I was pretty taken by Vimto’s genius idea, I snapped a tutorial of how to get your bottle at the store!  😀


Sharing is Caring.

So. Here’s the deal (Don’t worry, I go through all the steps on my snapchat story below ;-)):

  1. Head to Bloomingdales Home in Dubai Mall
  2. You are given two options of crystallisation:
    1. The first is 100 Dirhams and consists of crystallising any name of your choice on the bottle.
    2. The second is 200 Dirhams and is the VIP choice. This means both the name and the entire sticker area are crystallised. (This is the one I got!)
  3.  After you choose which style you want, it takes 10 – 15 minutes to prepare your selection.
  4. Take it home and keep it forever 😀


I personally think it’s a great gift idea; my sister in London has already demanded her VIP Vimto bottle as a gift from me 😀

Its been 2 days and I am already halfway through mine, sooooooo, just an excuse to go back to Bloomies then!

Here’s the Snapchat story of my experience


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