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What colour sunglasses and shape to go for this summer?

What is a safe colour to go for and how to find the right shape sunglasses?

Trendy colour of the season for sunglasses is blue! 

What is so great about blue shades, is that it tends to suit most if not all skin tones. Lucky for you, there are so many hues of blue available this summer. On the other hand finding a shape thats right for you is what requires more attention.

Square shades tend to suit oval and heart face shapes best, which is what I have gone for in this post. Square sunglasses also do fit round shapes, but its a tough shape to go for the other face shapes.

The best way to find what suits you is to spend 15 mins at a boutique and just keep trying different shapes until you find what suits you. Its always best to have a friend with you for a second opinion, and if the lenses are too dark you can’t tell what you look like! 

An alternative is to have a look at the chart below to help find what is best for you:

Square shapes are perfect for covering up a tired face 😀 or on those days you don’t want to wear make up 😉 There’s just more surface area coverage !

This square shape is from Salvatore Ferragamo

You can find them on Salvatore Ferragamo website.

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