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Wisdom of the Day by Yanni Wong

‘When body is desperate for tenderness, mind is indecisive, heart is lonely, Soul can’t control your actions. Know your worth . Be patience enough to heal every part of you. Wholeness is when every level in self is balanced and full of pure love. When you are so happy inside out , no longer need anyone or anything to complete you, miracles happens.’ Yanni Wong

Yanni Wong Wisdom

Yanni has to be one of the most special people I have ever met and the only person I trust implicitly when colouring and cutting my hair. Situated in the Ibn Battuta gate hotel, The Yanni Ladies & Gents Salon is a relaxing retreat where I am always taken care of and pampered. She is like soul mother, who wants to know what’s been going on with you with complete genuine concern. She has made my trips to her something I really look forward to, and am always greeted with big welcoming hugs. Thank you Yanni for being such a wonderful angel, your presence, spirit and talent are dearly appreciated,  and for your beautiful inspirational quotes you post everyday.

To book an appointment with the incredible Yanni Wong, call Yanni Ladies & Gents Salon: 04 444 55 99 (Trust me, she’s the best!)

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